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  • Alexander Gutman

Wettbewerbsteilnahme: Monte d'OiroWine Hotel

Privileged terroir, vineyards and natural surroundings inspired me to create the Monte d'Oiro

Wine Hotel's concept. The iconic landmark will have remarkable view at the vineyards, as the concept includes the idea to design a harmonic building ensemble within the existing building structure through opening the esplanade and the pool. The rhythm of field’s partition and the geometry from the grapes stems are represented in the facade as well as in the interior design underlining that blended elegance and unique wine-world charm. Rooms are included into the wood-steel-concrete construction, creating the feeling like it has always been there, durable, and modern. Generous windows in hotel rooms enable the wide panoramic view over the vineyards and guarantee an unforgettable stay. The variety of the rooms consists of all types of usually required dorms from standard room to master suite. "The Bridge" spans between two building parts and creates several "look through" effects from the main public spaces which can be easily accessed by the wheelchair users. The roof of “The Bridge” contains several photovoltaic modules for the necessary supply with the electric energy. The heating energy can be provided by geothermic heat pump with modules placed under the large parking area. Sun protection louvers prevent overheating of large, glazed rooms. It is a unique place with personality, in unity with nature, where there is a special treat for all wine lovers.

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