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  • Alexander Gutman

Wettbewerbsteilnahme: SPIRALA Community Home

Aktualisiert: 22. Okt. 2021

The round shape of the building was inspired by the spiral of shell geometry, which is also a representative term for the name of the community SPIRALA. The Community Home takes up the hill hight on the east side and grows by following the plot slope to the west side, which becomes the main view orientation to the fields below. Large 145° degrees façade windows and glass doors provide the interior space with plenty of natural light far into the depth of the room. In addition, the hall is generously supplied with day light by the north oriented round skylight. The kitchen and toilets are illuminated by skylights from the dormer. The incidence of light can be regulated by using curtains in order to create special lighting moods for different use occations such as meditation or yoga classes. To obtain more space flexibility during dance performances or celebrations the hall can be also divided by means of curtains into smaller sections . The building has one main and one side entrance. To make the building more open during the summer time, six more entrances are available from the pergola.

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